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of u.s.- made products in the next 10 years. the government of japan joins the u.s. government in investigating boeing's 787 dreamliner. the probe is to uncover what caused two fuel leaks on two different dreamliners operated by japan airlines. japan's transport ministry said they opened the investigation because the two fuel leaks "occurred in succession." the faa says 787s are safe, but is conducting a comprehensive review to ensure no flaws are present. an end-of-the-year surge of consumer buying gave a lift to retail sales in december. retail sales rose .5%, which was higher than economists predicted and slightly better than the .4% rise in november. much of consumer spending came from people buying cars and trucks. overall last year, car companies had the best year since 2007. nissan's leaf will soon go for less. the automaker said this week that the new model of its battery-powered leaf will cost $6 thousand less than previous models. that cuts the price to around $28,800. nissan hopes the cost cutting will increase sales by around 20%. cadillac is giving drivers a chance
limit. if congress doesn't approve an increase in the debt creel, the federal government will run out of money to pay bills in about a month. president obama blasted the republicans who said they won't raise the borrowing authority without dollar for dollar cuts in the budget. >> the issue here is whether or not america pays its bills. we are that deadbeat nation. >> reporter: the problem, mr. obama said, is that congress has already spent the money. >> these are bills that have already been racked up. >> reporter: the patiented a dire picture about what it would mean for the nation for the first time ever to not make payments. >> social security checks and veterans benefits will be dried. we might not be able to pay our troops, or honor our contracts with small business owners. >> reporter: in response, republicans pointed out president obama voted against increasing the debt limit as a senator. john boehner said that the debt is endangers children's future, that the consequences of failing to increase the debt seal ceiling are real, but so also are the results of allowing our spe
is into this belief that china is not slowing and that they actually come up with these numbers that the government cannot rig. none of the companies in china actually have real accounting companies auditing their numbers. including the government- > bonus round time. let's take a look at the top new year's resolutions. name the most popular resolution for the new year. is it: drink less alcohol lose weight or watch more traders unplugged on first business? > > use stop-losses. > > i think it is c, and i think alan is going to realize it turned into the biggest bear ever this year. i should have listened to andrew. the market is going to hell. > > you guys are great. thank you. prepare your taste buds. a look at what new trends the restaurant industry is cooking up for the new year. stay with with us. like fashion and hairstyles, food service in fact follows its own trends. so what's in store for the new year? david henkes is a vice president at technomic, the top food service research & consulting firm. i guess you would have liked to have gone out and done some of the field work yourself but you
frustrated. >> a typical government organization. >> the national symbol for nonviolence. that was something he believed very passionately and advocated. >> reporter: the da will tell us tomorrow how many guns it has collected today and there's another buy back scheduled for next monday. that buy back is going to go on as planned but people will get vouchers not cash for their weapons. in luxeburg, ktvu. >>> and more details now on the gun guy back. the final numbers are in and law enforcement was able to collect a total of 827 firearms. here is a break down from the five locations across marin. nevatto was most successful with 277 guns now off the street. >>> the san jose sharks organization is mourning the deaths of the team's original owner. the front page of the shark's website pays tribute to george gund iii. he passed away this morning in palm springs after battling cancer. he was 75 years old. he was a long time hockey fan. gund and his brother took a chance on the sharks. they will honor his memory this season with a helmet decal and jersey patch bearing his initials. >>> meanwhile i
in the government's rescue attempt thursday. up to 18 militants and 12 hostages were killed including fredrick butacchio of katy texas. >> terrorists should be on notice that they will find no sanctuary. >> reporter: the group has a history of taking hostages for millions of the dollars in ransom. >> basically got its start in by kidnapping 30 odd european tourists since then they've been involved in kidnapping, they've become involved in drug smuggling. >> tonight there are reports that the kidnappers want to trade two american hostages for two suspected terrorists in the u.s. custody. but ken and gasia right now the u.s. says they will not do that. that's out of the question. they will not negotiate with terrorists. >> jana, thank you. >>> foreigner new orleans mayor ray negin has been indicted on federal chargings. nagen faces 21 corruption charges that include bribery. his arrangement is set for january 21st. his allegations are connected to corruption. nagin gained notoriety during hurricane katrina when he spoke out to the government's response. >>> an american team joined japanese offic
, the federal government is not out of ammunition, the fed's bond-buying program is not likely to lead to higher inflation, and the fed sees positive signs in the economy. bernanke made the comments during an appearance at the university of michigan. nike is making a gear shift. just ahead of oprah's much- anticipated interview with cyclist lance armstong, the athletic company is signing rory mciiroy, the number one golfer in the world, to a multi- year nike sponsorship. reports say the agreement with the golf star from northern ireland is worth up to $250 million over the 10 years. nike dropped armstrong last year on revelations of an alleged doping scandal. pharmaceutical giant glaxo smith kline announces it has made a regulatory submission to the food and drug administration for a new drug. called albiglutide, it is a possible once-weekly treatment for adult patients with type-two diabetes. the new drug is an injectable and not yet approved as a treatment for the disease. settlements are soaring at the sec. u.s. securities regulators reached 714 settlements in 2012, up 6.6% for the year and t
from the impact of all the asian, european, and american governments asking for higher fuel efficiency and lower emissions. a great example of that is the honda urban suv concept. now this is a concept in the dairy loosest term of the word, because this is a car that you're going to see probably in the next year so. but what is exciting about it is, while it looks like a typical suv, it is actually very small. it has got a small footprint; it runs on the same platform as the honda fit, which is the smallest car in honda's line-up; and has a small, four- cylinder engine. so, i think this is going to be the big trend: small is going to be the new cool, and that is a result of the industry under pressure, but i think consumers are really going to enjoy the results. > let me ask you about that little baby standing behind you. 49 automotive journalists named that very car, the cadillac ets sports sedan, as the north american car of the year. is that smaller too this year? > > it sure is. you think small, sports sedan, and cadillac all in the same phrase, they didn't go very well for many ye
of banning free speech, as you government have you to jump through hoops. >> the judge heard arguments today during a 90-minute hearing and said he'll issue a written ruling before the ban starts on february 1st. >> starting today, yelp leaders have another piece of information, health information score. >> mayor ed lee says restaurant owners and customers would give the plan a thumbs up. new york and philadelphia are supposed to be posting scores in the coming week. >>> following the report this afternoon, intel jump shiftd from pcs to mobile devices, shares off more than 5% in after hours trading. >>> dow fell just shore of its career shore high. nasdaq rose google hit the top teams, with amenities such as masses, massages and a sports complex. >> number 15, dpr construction and redwood city has a ski cabin in tahoe that employees can use, number 19, san francisco sales offers free yoga classes. >> although boeing's 787 dream liner was -- widely used in electronics in lewding laptops and tablet -- including laptops dwights to cash 5 -- devices to catch fire. >> it's a risky propo
capital." the government plans to pour $250 billion a year into education. while the country's labor market is a skilled manufacturing force, its looking to raise the stakes for its middle class, which has been steadily growing. reports say corporations like ibm, intel and general motors are eager to hire graduates from china. competing against big box stores can be a david-versus- goliath experience for small retailers. 30 years ago, hardware chains and independents split sales 50/50. now, chains dominate. as paul eggers reports, it's making survival tough for the little guys. "gracias. que paso malala" jesus davila's hardware store, "la brocha gorda," has been a neighborhood fixture for some time, operating in a mostly mexican community on chicago's south side. "the shop has been open for 30 years already. it's been open since 1985. yolo que paso como estas" customers are still coming in, but davila plans to shut the doors in just a couple weeks. after making countless keys and helping out on hundreds of jobs, he's had enough. "let me tell you, i can do it, but i'm tired already."
country and the government. wagner has yet to grant them an interview in the drowning of his wife in 1981. her death was ruled accidental but a recent review lead the coroner to change the case to under determined noting that she had bruises on her body that could have happened before she went into the water. they interviewed more than 100 people. boeing will stop delivering the 787 dream liner until it is fixed. it is assembled in washington and north charleston south carolina. they have to prove the batteries are safe. they are light weight but also flammable. >>> san jose and oakland airports plan to get rid of full body scan tears show an imagine that looks like the passenger's naked body. the machines will be replaced by scanners that show a generic imagine of a person and not an actual x-ray of the passenger. it's also already in use at san francisco national airport. it comes after complaints bypass enjereds that says they violated their privacy. >> well, the 49ers should be arriving in atlanta tonight where they will tackle the falcons on sunday. before they left, she caught one
people were frustrated. >> a typical government operation. >> others said money was never their motivation. >> i'm not a gun person. i have no need for it, and i thought this was a good thing to do. >> the shootings at sandy hook elementary inspeiered this gun buyback program and this event was tied to coincide the birthday of martin luther king, jr.. >> that was something he believed very passionately and advocate sdmrd the da will tell us tomorrow how many guns it has collected today, and there is another buyback scheduled here in marin county for next monday. the da say that is buyback is going to go on as planned, but, again, people will get vouchers, not cash, for their weapons. ktvu channel 2 news. >>> president barack obama and vice president joe biden plan to unveil their packages tomorrow aimed at reducing gun violence. they'll be joined by children across the country who wrote to the president in the wake of the newtown school shooting. the president is reportedly weighing 19 additional steps he could take through executive order meaning without congressional app
them---but never say i hit a wall. that's what companies and people and even governments do to succeed. you also have to have a team. you have to be flexible. you have to take risks. and when you fail you have to learn from your failure, pick yourself up, get up and do it better next time. gary, those don't sound like radical ideas. it seems like almost common business sense. well some of it is common business sense of course. there's a lack of common business sense with some companies. you also have to figure out what you're good at. one of the things that is uncommon, people say they have weaknesses so therefore they should correct them. no, for people and even for businesses you're not going to correct your weaknesses but you hire people that will correct the weaknesses. you don't try to change people. how do you motivate people? not just by money. you have to get to know them as people and understand their needs and wants and desires and they go through lifecycles. you have to do things differently and think outside the box. provide something that people want to buy and listen to y
the proposed bans on some assault weapons and high capacity clips are just another way for the government to chip away at the 2nd amendment. >>> today was declared gun appreciation day by the group guns across america and urged gun owners to go to gun stores and ranges to accepted a message to congress and president obama. we called several bay area gun stores and none of them said they were taking part in gun appreciation day. >>> new at 10:00 the lake county sheriff's office released surveillance video tonight as part of a homicide investigation. authorities say the man in this video is wanted in connection with the killing last night of an employee at the the mart in kelseyville. police have offered a $10,000 eward for information in this case. >>> fire crews today quickly put out a brush fire at a san francisco homeless encampment near 48th avenue and balboa street. fire official say at one point flame were two stories high. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire is under investigation. >>> a big rig crash and fuel spell shot off central avenue in richmond today. that big-rig drive
sweeper is still stuck on a reef. the u.s. and the philippine government are together to talk about how to remove it. there is damage to the corral reef. the uss guardian ran aground last thursday. the uss found that it was using the wrong graph. >>> as jana katsuyama, news chopper 2 was overhead as the drama unfolded. >> reporter: the call for help came around 11:45 this morning. news chopper 2 flew over head as police tried to reach a surfer who was stranded below the cliff house. officials say the man had been out surfing with a friend when he began cramping up. >> he had climbed up the rock and didn't think he was able to swim to shore. >> reporter: the water was too rough and the rocks too dangerous to get close enough. a rescue helicopter was still 40 minutes away so four fire department swimmers said they would go out in the cold choppy water and attempt the rescue. they told the surfer to jump, he plunged back into the water. rescuers swam over and helped him to the boat. >> he was just tired. >> had he been out there very long? >> maybe half an hour. >> reporter: fire officia
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